Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference


The preparation, submission and approval of a Terms of Reference (ToR) is the first step in the Individual Environmental Assessment Process. Following the approval by the Minister of the Environment, the ToR serves as a framework that guides the planning and decision making process during the EA. The Goderich Port Management Corporation (GPMC) has prepared a ToR for the proposed expansion of wharf facilities at the Goderich Harbour, in accordance with the Code of Practice for Preparation and Reviewing Terms of Reference for Environmental Assessments in Ontario (MOE, October 2009). 


Steps in the ToR process:  

ToR Documents

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1. Initiate the ToR process 

A Notice of Commencement was issued in local papers, and on the GPMC and Town of Goderich websites. The Notice provides information about the project being proposed and how interested parties can be involved. 


Notice of Commencement  

2. Consultation

The public, government agencies, interested parties and Aboriginal Groups were consulted as part of the ToR process. A notice for a Public Information Centre (PIC) was placed in the local newspaper, as well as on the GPMC and Town of Goderich websites. The consultation undertaken during the ToR is described in the Record of Consultation. 

Notice of Public Information Centre (PIC) PIC Presentation Record of Consultation

3. Prepare the ToR Document

The ToR document includes: the identification of the proponent; identification of how the EA will be prepared; the purpose of the study; a description of and rationale for the study; descriptions and rationale behind the alternatives; a description of existing environmental conditions and potential effects of the study; assessment and evaluation; commitments and monitoring; the consultation plan; and any other approvals required. 

Terms of Reference (ToR)

4. Submit the ToR

The ToR was submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Government Review Team for review. The ToR was also made available for public review and advertised through a Notice of Submission. 

Notice of Submission

5. Minister's Decision on ToR

The Minister of the Environment may approve, approve with amendments or reject a ToR. The ToR for the Goderich Harbour Wharf Expansion was approved with amendments on the 10th of February, 2011.

Notice of Approval