Project Background & Purpose

Project Background & Purpose


Project Background

Presently, the Goderich Port accommodates a wide variety of users, including: commercial shipping, fishing boats, and other users (such as the Canadian Coast Guard). Of the approximately 250 ships that enter the Goderich Harbour, most are handling salt, grain and calcium chloride for Sifto Salt Mine, Southpier Terminals, and Da-Lee Dust Control.


Recently, Sifto has undergone an expansion at their facility in the Harbour, resulting in an increase in salt production. However, without more loading/unloading and storage space at the harbour, much of the salt produced in the first quarter of the year, when ships are not running, will have to be trucked out of the harbour. Also, the Harbour is unable to accommodate new users of the Port, who wish to bring in other commodities such as aggregates, due to limited storage space. In addition to limited loading/unloading and storage space at the Harbour, there are issues with the configuration of the existing harbour. In 2006, a Harbour Rehabilitation Master Plan identified problems with sediment deposition and exposure to wind and wave action in the Harbour. 


The continued development of the Goderich Harbour is dependent on the availability of additional loading/unloading and storage space. To address these issues, the Goderich Port Management Corporation is investigating the expansion of existing wharf facilities at the Goderich Harbour. 


Project Purpose

Currently, there are a number of constraints to existing and future users of the Goderich Port. To address these constraints, the Goderich Port Management Corporation has initiated a study under the Ontario Environmental Assessment Act to investigate the potential expansion of the wharf facilities at Goderich Harbour. The proposed wharf expansion is multi-purposed and includes:

  • provision of additional loading/unloading space for ships;
  • provision of additional storage space of salt, as well as other commodities;
  • wind protection, as well as wave protection in the Inner Harbour;
  • improvements to North Harbour Road.